A church that is following Christ to Renew our neighborhoods, city and world

Renew San Diego is a missional, gospel-centered church committed to embodying good news to all our neighbors.

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We are spiritually thirsty and longing to grow. God desires for us to be reunited with himself: the one who created us, loves us, and makes us new… and through Christ we are invited into union with God.


As we are reunited with God who made us, loves us, and is renewing all things… we come alive as grow in connection with one another in community. And in the process, we discover who we truly are.

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As we’re reunited with God and reconnected with others and our true selves, we don’t stop there. We are redirected outward in God’s mission of renewal to a beautiful and broken world.


JOIN US ON SUNDAYS AT 10:00am at Sunset Temple:
3911 Kansas St, San Diego, CA 92104